The Community has the following objectives:

(a) improved standards of living and work;

(b) full employment of labour and other factors of production;

(c) accelerated, co-ordinated and sustained economic development and convergence;

(d) expansion of trade and economic relations with third States;

(e) enhanced levels of international competitiveness;

(f) organisation for increased production and productivity;

(g) the achievement of a greater measure of economic leverage and effectiveness of Member States in dealing with third States, groups of States and entities of any description;

(h) enhanced co-ordination of Member States' foreign and [foreign] economic policies; and

(i) enhanced functional co-operation, including -
(i) more efficient operation of common services and activities for the benefit of its peoples;

(ii) accelerated promotion of greater understanding among its peoples and the advancement of their social, cultural and technological development;

(iii) intensified activities in areas such as health, education, transportation, telecommunications.

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